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Posted On February 9, 2018 Personal Injury,Philadelphia PA

Personal Injuries At The Eagle’s Parade


injured person waving to crowd of Eagles fansIf you got injured during the Eagles Parade, call us. We were there with you. We know that businesses and the city didn’t take every step they could have to keep you safe. We’ll review your claim and let you know if we can get the party responsible for your injury to pay for it.

Go Birds

Eagles World Champions at the parade  Last year, the Eagles took home the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the first time. Philly’s underdogs beat the New England Patriots to become the Super Bowl LII Champions. To celebrate, Philadelphia threw them a party like only the City of Brotherly Love could.

According to reports, more than 700,000 people joined in the Eagles Parade. In addition to parade goers, several large companies plan to join in on the fun. Before the season started, Budweiser promised to buy Philly a Bud Light if the Eagles won. True to their word, Eagle’s fans found free beer at most bars along the parade route.

Bud Light knight on Eagles Bus

I, along with others from our office, joined in the celebrations and had an amazing time. Braving packed streets and freezing weather, the experience was worth it. We’ll remember celebrating with 700,000 of our fellow Eagles fans for years to come.

For some, however, there are injuries, not just memories, to remind them of this historic day.

Same Streets, More People

Philadelphia crowd at the Eagles paradeAccording to the US Census, 1.5 million people call Philly their home. This creates a bustling, vibrant city that grew substantially during the parade.

These crowds hid potholes and cracks in the side walk. These hazards weren’t new, but the unprecedented size of the crowed was. In their excitement, fans found themselves tripping and stumbling along the parade. Most escaped without injury, but not everyone was so lucky.

In addition, February’s freezing temperatures left patches of ice and slick walkways. Like crumbling and unsafe sidewalks, the size of the crowd made these hazards harder to see until it was too late.

Eagles Parade Injuries

Philadelphia crowd at the Eagles paradeIn addition to everyday city hazards, the parade created some of it’s own. To keep downtown clear, the city shut down several normally-busy roads. Those truck drivers, commuters, and drivers couldn’t all take the day off. If they had somewhere they had to be, they found a way to get their. This turned quiet side streets into heavily-trafficked roads. These unusual traffic patterns put residents and party-goers at risk.

Much like the spontaneous parade the night of the Super Bowl, some fans take their celebrations too far. This includes climbing Crisco-coated poles and performing trust falls off hotel awnings. Their actions put themselves and everyone around them at risk.

Philly Personal Injury Lawyers

When you went to the parade, you expected crowds. You knew that the traffic around the city might be heavier than normal. But you also knew that the city and local businesses said that they would handle it. More importantly, they had the responsibility to make the event safe.

If you got injured at the parade because they put profits before your safety, you deserve compensation. We are proud to represent the people of Philly in their personal injury claims. This is our city too and the best way to keep it safe is to hold anyone who is negligent accountable.

Types of Parade Personal Injury Claims

This is the first Eagles Parade, but it’s not the first personal injury claim we’ve helped victims file.

  • Car Crash: Street closures and re-routed traffic change daily commutes, making them more dangerous. If someone strikes your vehicle, or if you’re struck by a vehicle, you deserve compensation.
  • Premises Liability: Businesses have the responsibility to keep their property reasonably safe. This includes removing debris, cleaning ice and snow, or calling authorities if other guests put you at risk.
  • Slip & Fall: Slick, broken sidewalks and potholes on the parade route are a trip hazard. The city has a responsibility to repair them as quickly as possible, but sometimes they put off the fix to save money. If they do and you get injured, they could be at fault.

If you were injured on parade day and someone else is at least partially responsible, call us. Let an experienced personal injury attorney review your claim.

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