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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Forklift Accident – $900,000

In 2007 she was just a normal nine-year-old girl who enjoyed roller skating‚ jumping rope‚ and school. Then tragedy struck, and all of that went away.

She was spending the weekend with her father and sister and her cousin. When her father was called into work on an emergency project‚ he had no one to watch the children‚ so he brought them along. He was working for a company‚ Solid Surface Design‚ that fabricated countertops and cabinetry. In the course of his duties that day, he needed to operate a forklift.

Our client‚ her sister, and her cousin we’re nearby when her father was using the forklift. He saw them and told them to move away from the owner, as well as two foremen, were also close by watching—no one expected what happened next.

The forklift came closer and closer to the children, and our client was unable to move away in time‚ the forklift ran over her leg—crushing it.

She was rushed to Cooper University Hospital where she received treatment for severe injuries to her ankle and Achilles tendon. She had to undergo surgery that day‚ they performed a skin graft as her ankle had been de-gloved exposing her Achilles tendon.

Over the following months‚ she had to have several surgeries—four in all—mainly consisting of skin grafts to repair the damaged area.

The father’s boss made a prompt offer of money to the family for what he called “the inconvenience.” He offered them $1‚500‚ not nearly enough to cover the vast medical bills, not to mention the trauma this young girl suffered.

She can no longer wear just any shoes‚ she must wear sneakers. She is also unable to participate in gym class at school. She walks with a limp and can no longer partake in the activities she once enjoyed so much.

Although she was strong and she made great strides in her recovery, our attorneys knew that this young girl would never be able to recover from this tragic incident fully. Her future medical costs could be significant, and her leg function will never be what it once was. In addition to the painful‚ physical trauma she suffered, she also struggled emotionally to cope with this accident.

Our New Jersey premises liability attorneys aggressively sought full compensation for her accident, and we did not back down or accept low-ball offers like the employer originally offered. In the end, we were able to win her $900‚000—this will help her cover not only her past medical bills but any future treatment or procedures she must undergo because of this accident.