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Posted On April 8, 2020 COVID-19,Personal Injury

Help for New Jerseyans Struggling Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to an overwhelming flood of inquiries, we regret that we are no longer able to accept new clients for Covid related claims. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Man wearing maskThe COVID-19 outbreak may not have been the start of your problems, but it sure made things worse. Please know that there are resources throughout the state that can help families who are struggling. Although these are external programs and organizations that our law firm has no control over, we want to point you in their direction in case you find them valuable.

New Jersey Coronavirus Pandemic Resources

General Information on the COVID-19 Pandemic

New Jersey Housing Resources

New Jersey Food Resources

If You’ve Lost Your Job

Medical and Mental Health Resources

Other resources for New Jerseyans

For general information on the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Coronavirus resource offers information about:
    • Prevention and protection from the virus
    • A self-checker and steps you should take if you are sick
    • Data about COVID-19 cases in the United States
    • All CDC safety advisories and updates
    • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  2. The State of NJ has launched an official COVID-19 Information Hub to help New Jerseyans get accurate information about the outbreak. You can use this resource to:
    • Check symptoms and find out where and how to get tested for COVID-19
    • Learn the latest statistics and state regulations relating to the outbreak
    • Apply for jobs in essential businesses and organizations, if physically able to do so.
  3. Some of the best information on resources available to your family will come from your local government. Check with your municipality and county for the latest news and efforts to help residents.

For help with housing in New Jersey:

For help with food in New Jersey:

  • This Find a Food Pantry resource can help you locate food pantries in your area. Since some food pantries are closed or have modified their hours and operations due to the pandemic, please call before visiting, if possible.
  • Coronavirus updates and feeding programs by the Community Food Bank of New Jersey
  • Food bank locator by the Food Bank of South Jersey
  • In many school districts, children who are eligible to receive free or low-cost meals during regular operations are still eligible during school closures and can receive grab-and-go meals at designated pickup sites during designated hours, according to NPR. Qualifying families should contact their school district for more information.

If you or a family member lost their job in New Jersey due to the pandemic:

For help with other physical or mental health issues during the coronavirus outbreak:

  • The Diabetes Foundation offers help such as medication assistance and emergency backup kits to those suffering from financial hardships.
  • The State Department of Human Services has established a dedicated COVID-19 mental health hotline that offers free, confidential support.
  • The State Department of Children and Families has a list of hotlines to help with situations such as domestic violence, youth challenges, parenting frustrations, and other matters.
  • Coronavirus Resources from the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence

Other resources for New Jerseyans:


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