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New Jersey Accident Injury Lawyer

New Jersey Accident Injury LawyerAccidents happen. Good thing help, not just legal representation, but real help, is only a phone call away. Here are just a couple of the ways our New Jersey accident lawyers will take care of you after an accident:

  • Got questions about insurance, car repairs and property damage, and medical bills?
    • We’ve got the answers, and we’ll guide you through the process at no upfront cost to you
  • We exclusively focus on personal injury law. So we’ve got what it takes to win your claim.
    • We’ve handled accident cases of all kinds over our 25+ year career.

Whether you need help finding a doctor, handling the medical bills, dealing with the insurance company, or merely getting the compensation you deserve, you’ll find what you need at Console & Associates P.C. Call (856) 778-5500 today to get started with your free case review.

Why You Need a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer to Fight for You

Emergency room signA serious accident can have destructive consequences beyond anything you could have imagined. Your health suffers. Your finances suffer. Your family suffers.

And it all happened because someone else was careless.

You’d like to think that the person who hurt you would step up and make things right. But that’s not how it works. They leave compensating you to their insurance company, a business that thrives by denying and decreasing claim payouts, even to accident injury victims like you who clearly need and deserve the money.

The only way to get what you’re entitled to, justice for the harm you suffered and compensation for the damages you’ve sustained is to pursue a personal injury claim.

This isn’t a task you can handle on your own. The accident injury claims process is complex, and waging a legal battle can distract you from your important work of getting better. Besides, without the benefit of having experience practicing law yourself, you won’t be able to get the full amount of money you deserve.

That’s why you need a dedicated New Jersey personal injury attorney to navigate the legal system for you and to fight to protect your rights.

What Types of Accidents Result in Personal Injury Claims?

The frequency rate of accident injuries in the United States is alarming. Every year, accidents send 31,000,000 Americans to the emergency room, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Countless other accident victims skip the ER, thinking they can power through their pain. Only later, when their symptoms linger on or get worse, do they learn whether they have serious injuries.

When it comes to personal injury claims, what kind of accident you were in matters less than factors like what injuries you suffered and who was at fault. But that doesn’t mean all kinds of accidents are the same.

Different accident injury types have different rules and challenges. A motor vehicle accident case may involve specific types of insurance coverage like personal injury protection. A slip and fall case may require different types of evidence, like photos and video surveillance footage, to prove fault.

To get the right results for your accident case, you need a lawyer who understands the complexities of accidents like yours, one who has experience handling and winning these cases.

At Console & Associates P.C., here are just a few of the kinds of accident claims we handle on a daily basis:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are not the only type of auto accident. If your injuries involved a collision with a car, bus, truck, motorcycle, or other types of a motor vehicle (even a train, plane, or boat), the case is considered a motor vehicle accident. Also, if you were a passenger, traveling on foot, or riding a bicycle at the time, you can pursue a claim against the driver who caused the crash. Sometimes the impact of catastrophic injuries can last a lifetime, and filing a claim is the only way to ensure proper medical treatment and to receive fair compensation to cover the financial losses you might incur.

Slip and Fall

A dangerous condition you encounter on someone else’s property can cause you to slip or trip and fall. This isn’t your fault. Property owners have a legal responsibility to keep the premises safe. When they fail, they become legally responsible for the harm they cause, too. If you or a loved one were injured as a result of someone else’s neglect, you may have grounds for a premises liability claim.

Dog Bites

You certainly didn’t plan on getting attacked by an aggressive dog. But its owner should have known better than to let a violent animal put you in danger.

The law considers a dog to be its owner’s property, and it holds the owner accountable in situations like yours. If your canine attacker’s owner has homeowner’s insurance, you can seek money damages from this insurer.

Workplace Accident

No matter what your occupation, you have the right to a safe work environment. When you suffer an accident injury at work, no matter whose fault it is, you have the right to pursue a worker’s compensation claim.

But you might not know that you could have a second kind of case, too: a third-party personal injury claim. You can only pursue this kind of claim against someone other than your employers, like an outside vendor or private contracting company. If you are eligible to pursue this kind of case, it can compensate you for losses a simple worker’s comp claim won’t.

Assaults and Inadequate Security

You have the right to expect the business and public properties you visit to be safe. But sometimes a commercial property owner allows inadequate security practices to put visitors at risk.

If you were injured in an assault that could have been prevented with the right security staff, training, or procedures, you might have a claim against the property owner.

NJ Accident Injury Lawyers | Console & Associates P.C.

Every accident is one-of-a-kind. Maybe yours fits neatly into one of the above categories, but aspects like who is at fault, how the accident happened, what injuries you suffered, and how your injuries affect your life are still unique.

Or maybe your accident is something that seems completely different.

The accident injury lawyers at Console & Associates P.C. handle personal injury claims exclusively. Over our more than 20 years of legal practice, we’ve encountered almost every kind of personal injury lawsuit imaginable. If anyone can help you figure out what your rights are, it’s us.

Our NJ Accident Lawyer Has the Experience You Need

We’ve practiced personal injury law since 1994, so there aren’t many types of cases we haven’t handled. But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, see our results, the actual accident injury settlements and jury awards we’ve gotten for clients in situations like yours.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.
Pharmaceutical lawsuit settlements and fines

  • Motor vehicle crashes are among the most common cases we see. But we’ve been able to get them different amounts of accident injury compensation like we did in this $450,000 case.
  • Was your accident a slip and fall? We recently won a $400,000 case for a New Jersey shopper injured similarly.
  • Dog bite cases can be complicated, but we’ve handled high-value cases like the $125,000 claim of a girl whose face was bitten.
  • Perhaps you have a workplace injury caused by a third party. We’ve handled these cases, too, winning six-figure settlements for multiple clients.
  • Maybe you have a different type of case against commercial property, like an assault that took place because of inadequate security or a bar that over-served a driver who caused an accident while under the influence. We’ve got experience winning those kinds of cases, too.

The advantage of focusing on personal injury cases is that our NJ accident lawyers get to know the ins and outs of the claims process. We’ve gained experience handling all types of accidents, and we use that knowledge to help us prevent and solve problems and in new cases, like yours.

What Do You Need for a Personal Injury Claim?

Not all accidents result in personal injury claims. To pursue a case successfully, there are a few things you need.


Liability means legal fault for an accident. To pursue a claim, someone else must be at fault of your injury.

Sometimes liability is as clear as to when a driver runs a red light and crashes into your car. Other times, like when a property owner who allows spills or ice buildup to make a walking surface slippery, proving liability is more complicated.

Going along with liability is the factor of insurance coverage. When you pursue a personal injury claim, you’re typically seeking compensation from an insurance company through an auto, commercial property, or homeowner’s insurance policy.


Accident injury medical billsIn a personal injury claim, you pursue compensation for damages, that is, the harms and losses you have suffered. Typically, you must have physical injuries documented by a doctor to make a claim.

Some common accident injuries include:

  • Head or brain injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Jaw injuries

You will likely have other damages as well. These can include lost wages if you can’t work, the medical expenses for accident injury treatment, and non-economic damages like pain and suffering.


Legal claims are built on evidence. Evidence can come in many forms, from video surveillance footage to detailed medical reports, from photographs to written witness statements.

For your claim, you will need evidence that proves two things:

  1. Fault on the part of the person who hurt you.
  2. Existence and severity of your damages

Without evidence, you can’t show that the other party is at fault. And without proof of your damages, you won’t be able to convince an insurance company that you do deserve maximum compensation for your claim. That’s why our NJ accident attorneys begin the process of investigating your claim and gathering evidence to support your case right away.

A New Jersey Accident Attorney

You could, in theory, pursue an accident injury claim without a lawyer. The legal system allows for it, and in fact, the insurance adjusters on the other side would prefer it if you did.

Car accident injuryThey know that they can take advantage of an unrepresented accident victim in ways they certainly couldn’t get away with if you had an attorney. After all, you’re already overwhelmed by your injuries and the financial costs. An insurance adjuster knows that you’re not familiar with the legal process. Without a lawyer, there’s no one to keep you from making a mistake or accepting a lowball offer.

The insurance company can brush off your arguments and ignore your calls. They can, and often do, put off paying you what you’re owed, the American Association for Justice reported. And they might even try to convince you that there’s no compensation available for you at all. If you do get money damages, you can bet it won’t be the full amount you deserve; it will probably be less than one-third of what a New Jersey accident attorney could’ve gotten you.

We’ve seen insurance companies do this over and over to claimants who don’t have lawyers. If an insurance adjuster is giving you the runaround or offering less than you think you deserve, it’s time to talk to a New Jersey accident attorney.

In Your Accident Injury Claim, it’s Us vs. Them

Whether your case involved a private citizen or a giant corporation, there’s an insurance company behind the scenes. To keep more of its money, even money that should be yours, that insurance company employs high-powered and high-priced legal teams. You could be up against a team of attorneys with resources that far exceed yours.

But not if you get help.

Hiring your own team of New Jersey accident injury lawyers, at no upfront cost, is the perfect way to level the playing field. You’ll get the benefit of all of our resources, like a network of accident injury experts in fields like accident reconstruction and medicine. You’ll get the aggressive representation that makes sure you’ll never be taken advantage of. And when your case is over, you’ll end up with the maximum settlement that can be obtained under the law.

It doesn’t have to be you against a massive, faceless insurance company. It could be us against them, instead. Our New Jersey accident attorneys have worked inside the insurance industry, so we know exactly which games insurance companies play in their attempt to reduce payouts. We also know how to stop them by always preparing cases as if for trial from day one.

What to Do Next

If you think you might have a case, the next thing you should do is have a one-on-one conversation with an attorney.

It’s great to do your research into the legal process. But no article you read or video you watch can replace a confidential discussion about the details of your unique situation with a New Jersey accident injury lawyer.

Get a Free Case Evaluation

To make sure nothing stands in the way of you getting help, our law firm offers free consultations. We’ll go over your case in detail, gathering the information we need to determine if you have a claim.

There’s no fee, no obligation, and no time limit, so feel free to ask us any question you have about the legal process or your situation specifically.

If your case is complicated enough to require some further investigation, we’ll take care of that, too, again, at no charge.

New Jersey Accident Injury Lawyers | Console & Associates P.C.And if you decide you would like us to handle your case for you, we work on contingency. That means there’s no upfront payment for our injury lawyers, services. You CAN afford to take legal action and pay nothing unless and until we get money for you. It’s all part of our No Fee Promise.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

With offices in both Marlton and Newark, NJ, we make it easy to reach an accident attorney near you. You can also contact us 24/7 through our call center or by filling out our accident injury evaluation form on the right. We always respond as soon as possible so you can get your questions answered right away.

When you first contact our office, we’ll ask you enough questions to get the necessary information we need to help you. The more details you’re able to give us, the better we can understand your unique case and guide you in taking the next steps. But we’re happy to help you as much as we can, even if you don’t have all of your information on hand right now.

What’s most important is that you’re finding out your rights and options sooner rather than later, when it could be too late.

So don’t put off reaching out to a New Jersey accident injury attorney for advice because you’re worried about accident lawyer fees, or that your injuries aren’t serious enough, or that your case isn’t big enough to require help. Don’t wait because you want to get the police report or go to your next doctor’s appointment first. The statute of limitations limits the amount of time you have to pursue a claim, so the sooner you get a lawyer involved, the better, and with our free consultation and no-win, no-fee representation, you have nothing to lose.

Call Console & Associates P.C. today and leave your claim in the competent hands of our attorneys.

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