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Slip and Fall Lawyer | August 12, 2014

Ask the Attorney: Slip-and-Fall Victims Can Sue, but They’ll Need Help

Asker: Can I sue for a slip-and-fall in a store or parking lot? The company was very unapologetic about the incident and they were expecting me to handle my medical bills on my own. Can I sue for the slip and medical bills or would it be considered too minor?

Attorney: Of all the types of accidents out there, it seems that slip-and-fall injuries are among the

Insurance Attorney, Personal Injury | August 5, 2014

Ask the Attorney: It’s Possible (and Good) to Pay Out-of-Pocket Accident Medical Expenses after Settlement

Asker: Can I request to be billed for copayment when seeing a specialist, like a neurologist, after an accident. I am currently not able to work and can’t pay out of pocket now?

Attorney: Pursuing a personal injury claim can take time, so you might not see the money you deserve for a little while. That shouldn’t prevent you from getting the treatment you need now. You

Car Accidents | July 24, 2014

The Invincibility Myth: Distracted Drivers Don’t Let Facts Influence Behavior

They say knowledge is power, but a disturbing new safety study proves that knowing an action is dangerous apparently doesn’t stop drivers from doing it anyway. A Harris poll published late last month found that of the thousands of drivers surveyed, large percentages clearly recognized the risks of driving while distracted or intoxicated – and then admitted to engaging in those same hazardous behaviors.

It’s alarming that

Insurance Attorney | July 22, 2014

Ask the Attorney: Insurance Adjusters Aren’t Friends and Fair Settlements Are Relative

Asker: Do I have to accept what the insurance company offers me for an injury claim? If I accept a settlement offer that doesn’t cover all of my damages, do I give up my right to pursue compensation for the remaining damages? How do I know if the offer is a fair amount?

Attorney: Choosing to accept or reject a settlement offer is always a gamble. If