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Posted On July 19, 2019 Auto Injury,Case Studies

Herniated Disc from a Car Crash – $125,000

Near the end of an hour-long trip from Absecon, New Jersey, to Chester, Pennsylvania, an auto accident changed our client’s life forever. She was the passenger in the car her husband was driving on Edgmont Avenue, near the 14th Street intersection. Suddenly, another vehicle ran the stop sign on 14th street and collided with the couple’s car.

An ambulance rushed our client to nearby Crozer Chester Medical Center in what becomes the start of a years-long series of medical tests and treatments, at times interrupted because her insurance company denied her the medical benefits she needed. She had sustained numerous injuries, including damage to the chest, ribs, shoulders, and multiple regions of the spine. She also suffered a concussion. Though each of her injuries was serious, the most severe turned out to be a herniated disc in the cervical region of her spine and thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition in which nerves in the neck become compressed, causing arm, neck, and shoulder pain. Ultimately, this client had to undergo multiple surgical procedures, including discectomy surgery and thoracic outlet syndrome surgery.

As a result of this accident, our client suffered years of acute, chronic pain, and emotional distress. Even after the numerous surgeries, she continued to experience persistent discomfort, which her doctors expect to be permanent. We fought to get her $125,000 – compensation that we knew she fully deserved after all she had been through.