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Posted On July 23, 2019 Auto Injury,Case Studies

Post-Traumatic Fibromyalgia – $245,000

Not hiring an attorney who will fight aggressively to win you the proper compensation could result in a quick settlement for much less money than you deserve. One of our clients had first retained a different attorney who urged her to settle her claim for only $34‚000. Knowing that her severe and permanent injuries called for more compensation than that she contacted our firm for a second opinion.

Her car accident occurred in New Jersey, February 2005, when a driver exiting the Washington Township High School parking lot ignored our client’s right of way and proceeded to make a left turn in front of her.

Just some of her many debilitating injuries included multiple herniated disks to both her neck and back‚ post-traumatic fibromyalgia (deep pain throughout the body)‚ and pain radiating into her arms and legs as the result of the disc herniation in her back and neck. These injuries required that our client undergo multiple surgeries, including a lumbar fusion procedure requiring the insertion of plates and screws to fuse the spine in her back.

In addition to the very serious injuries, she sustained‚ the trauma of the accident made her underlying case of systemic Lupus become symptomatic. She was also diagnosed as having multiple mental symptoms, including major depression and acute stress reaction. She was ruled to be fully disabled and incapable of working by the Social Security Administration and was placed on permanent disability.

We felt that her injuries and subsequent permanent disability obviously called for more than the $34‚000 offer her previous attorney recommended she accept—that amount was woefully inadequate.

Through our aggressive and skillful pursuit‚ our New Jersey car accident attorneys were able to obtain $245‚000—almost eight times more than what her previous lawyer was insisting she settle for. With the claim behind her, she can now move forward with her life‚ knowing that the costs that arose from this tragic event will be covered.