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Posted On July 19, 2019 Case Studies

$100,000 – Bicycle Hit and Run Accident in Willingboro, NJ

What would be just a minor collision between two cars can be a catastrophic accident when it instead involves one car and one cyclist. Our client, a 26-year-old man who had recently moved to Willingboro, did all the right things expected of a nighttime cyclist. He had reflectors on his bicycle. At least some of his clothes were light colors, as were his shoes. He stayed out of all lanes of traffic, as close as possible to the edge of the sidewalk. Yet following the safety rules wasn’t enough to protect him from a careless motorist.

Our client was riding on Levitt Parkway, approaching the Sunset Road intersection, when his life changed forever. A motorist suddenly struck his bicycle, severely damaging the rear of the bike and sending the victim flying through the air. Despite the visibly apparent injuries to our client and obvious signs of the collision, like a pool of blood and bloody tire marks, the driver fled the scene, leaving the injured cyclist alone and helpless on the side of the road. The driver wouldn’t turn himself into police until the next day.

Fortunately for our client, another motorist came along, and he was able to flag this driver down and get help. An ambulance took the victim to Cooper Hospital in Camden, where the extent of his injuries became clear. His skull had been fractured, and his leg broken. He had scrapes and cuts on his back, arm, knee, face, forehead, and ear. His eardrum had ruptured. He was bleeding and had chipped a tooth. His other complaints included pain in his neck, lower back, and elbow and numbness in his toes. Clearly, our client’s injuries were severe – so severe that he spent more than three weeks in the hospital and had to undergo multiple surgeries. For months, he couldn’t walk or even bear weight on his wounded leg.

This hit and run accident have, without question, changed our client’s life. He had already seen more than his share of misfortune in his young life, having lost his mother in the 9/11 terrorist attack. Now he had to relearn how to walk. Though he was a student scheduled to attend school in September, his injuries kept him out of the classroom and confined to a hospital bed when the semester began. He was unable to take the courses he had planned.

After his serious injuries, he began experiencing memory deficits and blackouts. His memory problems were so significant that he was forced to make lists and set alarms to remember even the most basic tasks and events, like doctors’ appointments.

Despite the severity of his condition, our client’s positive attitude – even cracking jokes from his hospital bed – inspired us. Our New Jersey bicycle accident attorneys recovered $100,000 in compensation on his behalf to help him get his life back on track.

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