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Fatal Injuries to Car Accident Passenger – $340,000

An 81-year-old grandmother very involved in the lives and care of her grandchildren was the unfortunate front seat passenger in a deadly car accident in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The driver, a friend, lost control of the car. The car left the road, went over the curb, and hit a tree.

The passenger was awake and alert at the time emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene but was experiencing significant respiratory distress. An ambulance took the woman to the emergency room, where doctors determined that the blunt force chest trauma she had sustained had resulted in her respiratory failure. Though medical personnel inserted chest and endotracheal tubes, the victim suffered serious cardiac arrest. Doctors attempted to shock and revive her, but tragically, she did not survive.

Despite her age, the accident victim was in good health. Prior to the accident, she had an active role in the care of her two grandchildren, ages 10 and 12. This woman lost her life through no fault of her own, and her family was left struggling not only to cope with their grief at this sudden loss but also to find new resources for providing childcare. Though nothing could bring back the previously healthy and active woman who had died so unexpectedly, our attorneys knew that we could at least help her bereaved family deal with the financial consequences of their abrupt loss. We were able to recover $340,000 for the estate of the victim. This money will, at least, cover the family’s expenses such as medical bills, funeral home, and cemetery expenses, and loss of childcare services and ease their economic worries.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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This article was professionally reviewed by Richard P Console Jr, an attorney licensed to practice in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Mr. Console has more than twenty years experience practicing personal injury law and successfully resolving vehicle accident claims on behalf of his clients.

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