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Posted On July 19, 2019 Auto Injury,Case Studies

Car Accident Resulting in Disc Injuries: Malvern, PA

Everything changed one June evening when our client crossed paths with a careless driver during her usual commute from work to her home in Malvern, Pennsylvania. She was stopped on Lancaster Avenue in East Whiteland, sitting in the kind of rush hour traffic typical in Chester County, when the car behind her struck her vehicle without warning. The impact was so great that it pushed our client’s stopped car into the vehicle in front of her. The car was totaled – and the victim would soon learn that the damage to her body was as severe as that to her car.

On the day of the accident, our client went to Paoli Hospital, where doctors prescribed her the muscle relaxer Flexeril for the pain in her low back and right leg and told her to see her primary care physician. What followed was more than two years of care under more than half a dozen medical providers, including a chiropractor, a hand specialist, a neurologist, a psychologist, and a pain management specialist. Her long list of injuries included pain in her lower back, the left side of her head, her right hand, and her neck, as well as tingling in her right leg and stiffness in her upper back. At various points in her recovery, she was diagnosed with a joint sprain and cyst in her hand, bulging and herniated discs in various regions of her spine, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Throughout the two years following the collision, our client endured physical therapy, acupuncture, and epidural injections in both the cervical and lumbar regions of her spine before finally undergoing discectomy and fusion surgery.

Though our client’s extensive medical treatments have helped her injuries improve, her life is far from back to normal. She missed 17.5 weeks of work at Radnor Township School District, which translated to more than $20,000 in lost income. She continues to deal with the consequences of her permanent injuries, like lingering pain and difficulty sleeping, on a daily basis. For this mother of young children, one of the most devastating aspects of the accident was the impact it had on her kids. Her injuries limit her physical ability to play with them, and the difficult recovery from her spine surgery, including the need to wear a neck brace for four weeks, was traumatic for them. Our Pennsylvania car accident lawyers worked hard to get this accident victim the full amount of compensation she deserved, including $100,000 from the insurance company of the defendant and an additional $30,000 from the underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage available through her own auto insurance policy.