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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Head-on Collision with Construction Truck in Woolwich Township – $275,000

Nothing could have prepared our client for the sight that met her eyes in the seconds before the accident. She was driving on Kings Highway, on her way home from the gym, when an oncoming flatbed Mack truck pulling a paving machine lost control and abruptly swerved into her lane. She had no time even to attempt to get out of its way. There was nothing she could do.

In Need of Trauma Care

The impact did more than shatter her windshield. She immediately felt extreme pain all through her body. It took a team of EMTs with a stretcher to extract her from the vehicle. When she asked if she was going to the local hospital, the EMTs told her, “no.” They had to get her to a hospital with a trauma center. Once there, she had to undergo more than half a dozen diagnostic tests.

It turned out that our client had suffered numerous and serious injuries, including a concussion and bulging spinal discs that ultimately required major surgery to repair. Even after the surgery, her spine would never be the same. Neither would her life.

Trucking Company Violations

The truck driver had told police at the accident scene that he swerved out of his lane to avoid hitting stopped traffic because he couldn’t stop in time. The day after the crash, the New Jersey State Police Heavy Truck Enforcement Unit investigated the truck that had hit our client. The investigation revealed 14 violations of Federal Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Regulations – including a front wheel with dangerously low tire tread depth.

Fighting for What Our Client Deserves

It wasn’t fair that a careless truck driver and a negligent truck owner had caused this woman, whose only mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, so much pain. It really wasn’t fair that her life would never be the same because of their actions.

Her serious injuries racked up some expensive medical bills. Between the income, she lost when her injuries and treatment kept her out of work for such a long time and the burden of those medical expenses, this accident cost her nearly $100,000. However, there were other factors to consider, like her ongoing pain and the way it affected her daily life – even preventing her from walking for too long a time.

We knew she deserved compensation for these losses, too. So our New Jersey truck accident attorneys fought to get her a settlement that addressed all of the damages she had suffered, the ones with a clear numerical value and the ones that are harder to quantify. In the end, we were able to get her $275,000 in money damages.