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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Hit by a Tow Truck on Delsea Drive in Washington Township – $300,000

He mixes of high speeds, tailgating, and a massive vehicle creates a dangerous combination. Unfortunately, our client saw firsthand just how dangerous when he found himself in the path of a speeding tow truck one June afternoon.

The Accident

Our client had been driving on Route 47 in Washington Township when the crash occurred. He approached an intersection where he needed to make a left turn. Like any careful driver would, he stopped and waited for a break in traffic that would allow him to complete his turn safely.

The vehicle behind him wasn’t as cautious. It was a tow truck owned by Marlboro Motors, Inc.

The large truck didn’t stop, as it should have when it encountered our client’s stopped the vehicle. Instead, it tried to pass the car – and wound up rear-ending our client’s car with such force that its entire back bumper fell right off.

When the police arrived at the scene, the investigation showed that the tow truck driver’s unsafe speed and failure to keep a safe following distance combined to cause the collision.

The Injuries

The force of the impact threw our client first forwards and then backward. It didn’t take long for him to feel the pain that resulted. He had headaches and radiating pain in his neck and back that traveled into his upper extremities. One-shoulder hurt, too. The other arm tingled.

Like many accident victims, he hoped that the pain would improve with time. However, it only got worse over the days that followed the crash, and it affected his life in countless ways. After a couple of weeks, he had to accept that this was not an injury he could just “tough out.”

Once he saw a doctor, the pain he was experiencing made sense. He hadn’t just suffered a few minor strains and sprains. He’d sustained serious damage to a number of his spinal discs. He had herniated and bulging discs in the cervical and lumbar regions of the spine. The accident had left his spinal cord dangerously compressed, and some nerves impinged. His right arm suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ultimately, he had to undergo a type of spinal surgery called a microdiscectomy to decompress his spinal cord and nerves and insert hardware such as metal plates into the spine. Recovery was long and difficult, requiring months of physical therapy. Even six months after the surgery – and nearly a year and a half after the accident – he had still not improved to the level of health he had enjoyed before the accident.

His doctors determined that, at least in some respects, the injuries he had suffered on the day of the crash were permanent.

How We Were Able to Help

Before he reached out to us, this client had started to deal with the situation on his own.

He’d given a statement to the insurance company, not knowing that doing so was neither required nor beneficial to him.

He had interacted with an insurance adjuster but found that the adjuster had stopped returning his calls.

A technical problem led the tow truck’s insurance company to mistakenly tell him, at one point, that the truck wasn’t insured.

Additionally, our client had questions about rental car insurance, storage fees, and paperwork.

We knew that our client was counting on us to make this situation easier – and that’s exactly what we did.

  • Our car accident attorneys answered all of his questions. No concern was too small.
  • We took over interactions with the insurance company, so he wouldn’t have to worry anymore about giving out information that wasn’t required or about his calls being ignored.
  • Our legal team of New Jersey truck accident attorneys resolved problems with the claim and coverage denials quickly so they wouldn’t prevent him from getting medical treatment when he needed it.
  • We fought to recover $300,000 in compensation because we knew how important it was to get him every dollar he deserved.

How our personal injury attorneys can help you.

No Fee PromiseIf you have a frustrating car accident claim on your hands, our New Jersey car accident attorneys can take on the burdens and make your life easier, just like we did for this client. When you choose Console & Associates P.C. for your car accident case, you’ll get help dealing with the insurance issues and the full amount of money damages you deserve.

We know how difficult it is to deal with the financial and emotional stress that comes from being seriously injured in an accident. That’s why we work on a contingency fee basisif we don’t get you money, you don’t pay us anything, and you’ll never be charged an hourly fee.

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