Motorcycle Accident Case Result – $340,000

Accidents involving motorcycles have a tendency to result in very serious injuries‚ as was the case when our client’s motorcycle was struck by a careless driver.

Our client worked at a retail location that specialized in the sales of motorsports such as ATVs‚ dirt bikes‚ and motorcycles. While test driving a motorcycle for work‚ our client was struck by another vehicle when they carelessly made a left-hand turn from the far right lane‚ crossing our client’s lane of travel‚ causing him to strike the driver’s door head-on.

Our client was flipped off of his motorcycle‚ landing on his left side‚, which caused serious injury to his hand and wrist. His bike was damaged beyond repair.

He had surgery to attempt to repair the damage done to his left arm‚ wrist‚ and hand by this accident, but his doctors informed him that additional surgeries in the future would probably be needed.

These injuries had a significant impact on our client’s ability to perform daily tasks‚ including anything that called for grasping‚ pinching‚ twisting‚ lifting‚ etc. Before he called us, he had tried to negotiate with the insurance company himself‚ to avoid the expense of an attorney. He had the insurance company up to offering him $25‚000‚ and thought he had done pretty well‚ but was still on the fence about whether he should hire an attorney. He decided to call our firm to see how we could help, and we were confident we could get him more money—compensation that he rightfully deserved.

By skillfully applying our knowledge and expertise from years of fighting insurance companies, we were able to get him $340‚000—almost 14 times more than the low ball settlement the insurance company initially offered.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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This article was professionally reviewed by Richard P Console Jr, an attorney licensed to practice in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Mr. Console has more than twenty years experience practicing personal injury law and successfully resolving vehicle accident claims on behalf of his clients.

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While this information was reviewed for accuracy, it should not be considered legal advice. Every claim is different. If you are thinking of pursuing a personal injury claim and have a question contact us directly.