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Posted On July 19, 2019 Auto Injury,Case Studies

$100,000 – Parking Lot Car Accident Eatontown, NJ

When our client pulled into the parking lot of the Eatontown, New Jersey, apartment complex Victoria Gardens to drop off a couple of friends who lived there, he never expected that his life would change in a split second. Yet as he was stepping out of the vehicle, his body still halfway inside the car, another driver struck the vehicle while pulling into the next parking spot. The impact pushed the parked car into the curb in front of it.

This driver ran from her car into her apartment, where she hid as police arrived at the scene and knocked on her door for 10 minutes. When she finally emerged, she denied hitting our client’s car – even when police called her attention to the paint marks left on the vehicle from the collision.

Our client, meanwhile, sustained serious injuries, including a herniated disk in the cervical region of his spine. He tried to “tough out” the pain for a week or so, but ultimately he had no choice but to seek medical care for the pain in his neck, shoulders, low back and right knee. During the course of his recovery, our client saw a chiropractor, a pain management specialist, an orthopedic surgeon, and a neurosurgeon. He underwent physical therapy, numerous diagnostic imaging tests, and five surgeries from August 2010 to September of 2011, with his doctors recommending additional surgeries for the future.

Despite going through so much medical intervention, our client still experiences pain from his permanent injuries. Even actions as seemingly simple as standing in place or sitting for more than 20 or 30 minutes can result in significant pain. The strong medications he has to take for his pain can cause him to feel drowsy, limiting his abilities at work and forcing him to miss out on extra income. Before the accident, our client was an active martial artist, often participating in the sport with his young son. His injuries have forced him to not only miss tournaments he had committed to competing in, but to give up his beloved hobby entirely since he could no longer do push-ups, stretches, and other moves without experiencing pain.

The accident certainly changed our client’s life – but the $100,000 in compensation that we recovered for him helped make the adjustments easier and the medical bills more affordable.

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