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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Passenger Injury Results – Console & Associates P.C. – Camden, NJ – $215,000

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle traveling to his Camden, New Jersey, home when the unthinkable happened. His friend, the driver, had stopped at a red traffic light at North 3rd Street and Market Street when a nearby tractor-trailer truck made a wide left-hand turn and struck the vehicle. The force of the impact dragged the vehicle our client was riding in off of the road, onto the sidewalk.

Despite being in pain, our client initially hoped the discomfort would go away on its own. It wasn’t until 3:00 the next morning that he knew he needed medical treatment because the pain would not subside. At the emergency room, doctors responded to his complaints of pain in his neck, lower back, and groin as well as numbness and tingling in his hands and feet. X-rays revealed injuries to the lumbar and cervical regions of our client’s spine. During the years following the accident, he underwent physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and injections, but he still suffered. He saw numerous doctors, including a foot and ankle specialist and a neurosurgeon, who recommended that he undergo back surgery.

Years after the accident first happened, our client continues to experience debilitating pain. While his chief complaint is the ache in his lower back, it’s not his only lasting injury. He develops pain down his legs and numbness in his feet whenever he sits or lies down for too long. The problem is so severe that it interferes with his daily life. During car rides, he sometimes finds that his feet cramp unbearably and he has to pull over, stop the car, and get out to stretch his legs. Since the accident, our client has been forced to cut down on his work and lifelong passion as a boxing trainer at a North Camden gym, since he is no longer healthy enough to perform the physical tasks involved. The pain and disability that our client now lives with every single day have certainly changed his life, even in regards to basic activities like sleeping, walking for short distances, and doing housework. Our attorneys worked hard to recover the full amount of compensation on his behalf, ultimately attaining $215,000 for the client.