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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Skull & Clavicle Fracture – $250,000

A pedestrian is completely vulnerable in an auto accident. There are no airbags for the human body‚ no side panels or crumple zones to disperse the ferocious force of a 1‚000-lb machine as it collides with bone and muscle. The injuries a pedestrian suffers in a collision with an automobile can be severe‚ even life-threatening. Our client‚ struck by a speeding car while crossing the street‚ experienced this first hand.

Our client’s family first contacted our firm as he lay in a medically-induced coma hours after the accident. Doctors were keeping him heavily sedated so he could get through the worst of the pain as they attempted to repair the massive injuries to his 70-year-old frame. Injuries he suffered in the crash included a skull fracture‚ stroke‚ acute organ failure and bleeding into his stomach. Believing the driver who hit the man to be at fault for the accident, we began our investigation. Our experienced legal team knew initial reports from the accident scene were dubious at best. An elderly man who recently received a hip replacement doesn’t dart out into traffic. That driver had to have seen the man coming and would’ve had plenty of time to avoid the near-fatal crash.

The extent of our client’s injuries required him to receive round-the-clock medical care. Where once there was a mobile‚ active member of the community‚ now rested a bed-ridden man‚ a shell of his former self. Our attorneys fought hard to win him the compensation he deserved to meet the continued costs of his 24-hour care‚ and to ease the burden his condition placed on his family. We also reviewed the medical care he was receiving to ensure he was receiving the best treatment possible to increase his chances for survival.

Unfortunately‚ the extent of our client’s injuries proved too much for him to bear. Two years and several surgeries after the crash‚ he succumbed to his injuries. The six-figure personal injury settlement our firm obtained for his family was the insurance policy limit‚ and has helped make our client’s final arrangements allowing him to pass on with dignity.