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Posted On July 23, 2019 Auto Injury,Case Studies

Cervical Spine Fracture in Multi-Car Collision – Mansfield Township, NJ – $300,000

The October morning that everything changed for our client began pretty typically. He had already begun his workday and was one of several passengers in a van traveling through Burlington County, New Jersey. The van neared the Mansfield Township intersection where State Highway 68 crossed Nade Drive, its driver, and passengers unaware of what they were about to encounter.

As the vehicle carrying our client vehicle entered the traffic light-governed intersection on Nade Drive, another driver also approached the intersection, but from Highway 68, where the traffic signal was red. This driver failed to obey the traffic light. First, he swerved into the car in the next lane, damaging it. He didn’t stop but instead continued through the intersection, into the path of unsuspecting cars that had the right of way. When the vehicle collided with the work van transporting our client, the damage was so severe and the impact so great that it threw our client around the vehicle and injured eight other passengers, too.

Our client was rushed to Virtua Health Memorial, where he underwent CT scans of his head and spine, and then to Jefferson University Hospital for numerous CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs. Ultimately, doctors discovered that the victim had suffered an epidural hematoma or a traumatic brain injury in which blood builds up inside the skull, and a fracture in the cervical region of his spine. Prior to the accident, he’d had to undergo a partial laminectomy surgery to treat a previous cervical spine injury, which made treating his new and serious injuries especially tricky. The day after the accident, our client had to endure another surgery on his spine. Still, his injuries had lasting consequences. They left him with lingering pain in his neck, back, and left shoulder. They restricted his range of motion, an outcome doctor predicted would be permanent. These injuries also caused our client, then a driver, to miss 97 weeks of work and thousands of dollars of income.

Years after the accident, our client still suffers every day from the injuries he sustained. He was never able to return to his former job as a driver or to regain the level of health and mobility he’d achieved prior to the accident. His life changed drastically through no fault of his own, and he deserved compensation for all that he had lost. That’s why our attorneys worked tirelessly to recover the money he deserved – the policy limits or the full amount of money available to him through this auto insurance policy. There are no cures or easy solutions for the health conditions our client continues to suffer, but the $300,000 we got for him would help him afford the care he needs and begin rebuilding his life.