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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Torn Rotator Cuff Case Result – $250,000

Accidents involving large‚ commercial vehicles can be particularly devastating. These larger vehicles can cause a massive amount of damage and inflict serious injuries to all parties involved. According to national statistics, accidents involving large trucks are most often caused by passenger vehicles rather than the operator of the truck.

In the early morning hours of July 27‚ 2008, our client was in the middle of a double shift in his position with the Philadelphia Parking Authority as a tow truck operator. While he was traveling south down a road where he had the right of way‚ the defendant was traveling north on the same roadway and suddenly and recklessly made a left turn into our client’s truck. He struck our client right behind his driver’s door‚ pushing his tow truck into five parked vehicles—knocking our client unconscious.

As a result of the defendant’s negligent actions, our client suffered serious injuries to his left shoulder‚ injury to his left knee‚ and herniated and bulging disks in his neck and back. Following the accident, his doctors asserted that he could only perform light-duty work.

He initially enlisted the assistance of another law firm who told him that they could not help him due to an unfavorable police report. When he contacted us, we told him that we would not back down like his previous attorney. We assured him that we would help him get his life back on track and see that he was fully compensated.

We made good on our promise. Our Pennsylvania car accident attorneys obtained a $250‚000 settlement when his prior attorney had said there was no case.