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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Work Injury Case Result – Keasbey, NJ – $170,000

In the early morning hours of a late December day, the usual work routine became anything but usual for our client. The Keasbey, New Jersey, truck driver started the day at the dispatch office in nearby Readington, inspected the truck for safety, and then drove his assigned route, delivering milk to grocery stores throughout Bergen County. Our client arrived at the ShopRite store in Emerson, where he had previously notified store employees of an unsafe working condition. Despite complaints from multiple drivers over a period of at least a year, the dangerous condition had still not been repaired. While our client was unloading the truck, the platform on which he stood shifted, spilling the load of cargo on him.

When a dolly of 20 cases of heavy dairy products landed on our client, the weight knocked him to the ground. His foot got stuck in a gap between platforms, and his leg began hurting instantly. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, Hackensack Medical Center, where X-rays showed a fracture in his left ankle. The break was serious enough to require more than a cast, and an orthopedic specialist recommended surgery. Our client missed 16 weeks of work after his accident, and an additional seven weeks recovering from a subsequent surgery on the ankle about a year later.

Because he was out of work for so long, our client lost tens of thousands of dollars in income. In spite of the surgery and physical therapy he has undergone, he continues to experience unabated stiffness and pain in his ankle, as well as back pain on and off from the accident. It hurts him to walk for an extended period of time. Our client’s injuries have forced him to work fewer hours, limiting his earning potential, and to give up soccer, a beloved hobby.

It’s not fair that a worker just trying to do his job now lives in pain, with a diminished earning potential and an inability to play the sport he once enjoyed. Our New Jersey worker’s compensation attorneys recovered $170,000 on his behalf. If he needs another surgery, even for cosmetic reasons to fix the disfiguring scar on his ankle, he doesn’t have to worry about money standing in the way of getting the best possible care.

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