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Posted On August 9, 2022 Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches

Dark Web User Ragnar Locker Reports Attack on Gensco, Inc.

Data Breach AlertAugust 9, 2022 – Recently , Console & Associates, P.C. discovered evidence of a previously unreported data breach at Gensco, Inc. The evidence, which was found on the dark web, indicates that Gensco, a national supplier of HVAC parts, may have been targeted in a recent ransomware attack. While Gensco has not yet publicly reported the incident, based on what appear to be comments from a member of the ransomware gang  , Gensco is reported to have refused to meet the hackers’ demands. It remains to be seen if the ransomware group will leak the data and what effect it will have on consumers whose information was in Gensco’s possession. Based on the redacted portion of Ragnar_Locker’s post, the leaked data appears to include names, addresses, financial information, passport numbers, Social Security numbers or tax ID numbers.

What Is Known About the Potential Gensco Data Breach?

Console & Associates, P.C. is investigating the recent report of a data breach at Gensco, Inc. While we have no independent verification, we can confirm that the following information was posted on the dark web by a user named Ragnar_Locker:

Looks like that care about the privacy information wasn’t priority for the “Gensco”. Even after the contact was initiated, this company didn’t show much interest about saving the confidentiality of clients and partners’ information. After a lot of steps were made to help them restore and avoid any leaks. Unfortunately, it became obvious that “Gensco” doesn’t values privacy much, even a very humble amount for the information about theirs vulnerabilities and also for avoiding data leaks was refused by them. We provided proofs of sensitive data possession and explained that they has a serious vulnerability in security perimeter, they didn’t take it into account and allows this leak by their own inaction.

Now according to our rules we can’t keep silence about the negligence and irresponsibility when it comes to information privacy and network security.

As always, we are saying: Those organizations who collecting and storing private data, should be in charge of it’s privacy.

Below you can find the link with all the sensitive Data:

(Total data volume: 113 GB)

Also you can find some screenshots just as an illustration of the type of Data that was downloaded


The redacted portion of Ragnar_Locker’s message indicates that the breach involved the names, addresses, financial information, passport numbers, Social Security numbers or tax ID numbers of affected parties.

What Is Ragnar Locker?

Ragnar Locker is a ransomware gang that orchestrates ransomware attacks and then threatens to leak the stolen data onto the dark web unless a company pays a ransom. According to a March 2022 report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, “RagnarLocker  ransomware actors work as part of a ransomware family, frequently changing obfuscation techniques to avoid detection and prevention.” While we cannot verify that the user “Ragnar_Locker” is associated with Ragnar Locker, the two would appear to be related.

More Information About Gensco, Inc.

Based in Tacoma Washington, Gensco, Inc. is a distributor and manufacturer of heating and air conditioning parts. Gensco was founded in 1948 and currently has operations throughout the Pacific Northwest, including in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. The company serves residential and commercial clients through a 1.5 million-square-foot warehouse. Gensco also provides its commercial customers with logistics services, and also operates Columbia Manufacturing, which manufactures sheet metal products. Gensco employs more than 900 people and generates approximately $660 million in annual revenue.

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