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Posted On April 15, 2023 Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches

Data Breach at Unlimited Care, Inc. Leaks Consumer Social Security Numbers

NOTICE: If you received a NOTICE OF DATA BREACH letter from Unlimited Care, Inc., contact the attorneys at Console & Associates at (866) 778-5500 to discuss your legal options, or submit a confidential Case Evaluation form here.

Data Breach AlertApril 15 – After discovering on April 12, 2023 that sensitive employee data had been exposed due to a “network interruption,” Unlimited Care, Inc. (UCI) notified the Attorney General of Maine of the breach. The firm has reported that due to the breach, someone gained access to the names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and birth dates of its customers. UCI started mailing data breach notification letters to all 29,066 persons affected by the recent data security issue once it was confirmed that customer data was exposed.

Console & Associates, P.C.’s data breach lawyers are now investigating the UCI data leak. If you have received a breach notification and are wondering about the risks of identity theft and what you can do to protect yourself, we are offering free consultations where we can go through your legal options for claiming compensation from Unlimited Care, Inc.

About Unlimited Care, Inc.

With headquarters in Westchester, Unlimited Care, Inc. provides home healthcare to New Yorkers in 16 cities throughout the state. These cities include Kingston, Rhinebeck, Bronx, Peekskill, Hudson, Albany, and Long Island City. Depending on the client’s requirements, Unlimited Care may send over Registered Nurses, Personal Care Aides, Certified Home Health Aides, Homemakers, or Licensed Practical Nurses. Patients with recent traumatic brain injuries are also cared for at UCI. Since its founding in 1975, Unlimited Care has grown to employ over 2,500 people and produce $250 million annually in sales.

Information About the Unlimited Care Breach

UCI discovered a “network disturbance” in its IT system on February 16, 2023, as stated in a complaint with the Attorney General of Maine. In response, the corporation called in a team of cybersecurity professionals who helped lock down the network and launch an investigation.

UCI discovered on March 21, 2023, thanks to the investigation, that a third party had gained access to, and perhaps stolen, the sensitive information of some of its workers.

Unlimited Care started reviewing the affected files to identify what information was stolen and whose customers were affected after learning that sensitive employee data was made accessible to an unauthorized person. Information such as names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers may have been compromised; however, the specifics vary per person.

Unlimited Care notified those whose personal information was affected in the current data security incident on April 12, 2023 through data breach letters.

What Possible Uses Do Hackers Have for the Information They Obtained?

The data breach at Unlimited Care, Inc. revealed sensitive information that hackers might use for a variety of malicious purposes. They are at liberty to do any number of criminal acts or to profit from doing so by selling this information to others on the dark web.

The security breach has exposed sensitive data that might be utilized in a wide variety of malicious ways. Accounts and credit cards might be fraudulently charged in the event of a data breach. They may use it to apply for new credit cards or loans in your name. Public profiles frequently include all the information one needs to apply for new credit cards, including names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and addresses, all of which were compromised in the UCI data breach.

It’s not only financial identity theft that hackers may use your data for. Medical identity theft might also occur. If they have access to your medical records, they may use them to get medical treatment under your name and stick you with the bill. Furthermore, your medical records may be at risk due to the inclusion of incorrect information regarding your medical history or drugs.

If You Have Been Affected by Unlimited Care, Inc. Data Breach, Console & Associates, P.C. Can Help

The consumer privacy lawyers at Console & Associates, P.C. help customers affected by data and security breaches pursue legal solutions by offering free consultations. By explaining your rights in clear, concise terms, we help you make an informed decision about your next steps. If you are a victim of the Unlimited Care, Inc. data breach, Console & Associates, P.C. will investigate at no charge to you and offer advice on how to proceed. If you decide to pursue a case, rest assured that we don’t get paid unless you do. If your claim is successful, legal fees are either paid out of the funds recovered or by the defendant. If your claim is not successful, you pay nothing.

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Below is a portion of the letter sent to affected individuals:

Dear [Redacted],

What Happened? On February 16, 2023, UCI experienced a network disruption. In response, we immediately took steps to secure our digital environment and engaged a leading cybersecurity firm to assist with an investigation and determine whether sensitive or personal information may have been accessed or acquired during the incident. While the investigation into the full scope of the potential impact is ongoing, UCI recently determined the personal information of certain UCI employees may have been affected. UCI then began locating relevant address information to effectuate notification to UCI employees, which was completed on March 27, 2023. Additionally, UCI is committed to notifying all regulatory agencies as required under applicable state and federal law.

What Information Was Involved? The potentially affected information may have included your name and Social Security number. Please note that there is no current evidence to suggest misuse or attempted misuse of the personal information. Nonetheless, out of an abundance of caution, we are notifying you of this incident and offering resources to help you protect your personal information.

What We Are Doing. As soon as we discovered this incident, we took the steps described above. As part of the response process, we implemented additional measures to reduce the risk of a similar incident occurring in the future. Additionally, UCI is providing you with information about steps that you can take to help protect your personal information and, as an added precaution, is offering you free of charge identity theft protection services through IDX. These identity protection services include: [Redacted] of credit and CyberScan dark web monitoring, a $1,000,000 insurance reimbursement policy, and fully managed identity theft recovery services. With this protection, IDX will help you resolve issues if your identity is compromised.

What You Can Do. We recommend that you activate your complimentary IDX services by calling 1-888-342-2852 or going to [Redacted] and using the enrollment code provided above. Representatives are available from 9:00am to 9:00pm Eastern Time from Monday to Friday. Please note that the deadline to enroll is July 12, 2023. In addition, we recommend that you review the guidance included with this letter about additional steps you can take to protect your personal information.

For More Information. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact IDX at 1-888-342-2852, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 9:00pm Eastern Time, excluding major U.S. holidays. IDX representatives are fully versed on this incident and can answer questions you may have regarding the protection of your personal information.

NOTICE: If you received a NOTICE OF DATA BREACH letter from Unlimited Care, Inc., contact the attorneys at Console & Associates at (866) 778-5500 to discuss your legal options, or submit a confidential Case Evaluation form here.