If you’ve ever spoken with a car accident lawyer, you may know that many car crashes don’t happen at ridiculous speeds and that most cars don’t blow up immediately upon impact. However, some real auto accidents take the drama to a whole new level – and they’ve been captured on film. Here are five of the wildest traffic accidents caught on tape:

  1. This series  of car crashes occurred in Croatia at one particularly dangerous intersection. The video, which is composed of clips of footage all shot from the same angle, shows dozens of cars approaching the intersection and crashing or almost crashing into everything from oncoming traffic to pedestrians. This sharp curve has caused many cars to spin about, especially when it’s raining, and the video highlights why safe driving is crucial – especially when you know that an area presents challenges. Let’s just hope all those drivers have a good car accident lawyer to turn to.
  2. This crash in Russia was filmed from inside the car, and it illustrates the tragic results of irresponsible driving. These young men are cutting off other drivers and changing lanes without signaling – all at 150 miles per hour. When the BMW in the video hits a fuel truck, this lighthearted day of street racing turns very serious. In the resulting crash and explosion, five people died.
  3. This video shows a brand new Dodge Viper driving through a tunnel, crashing into a barrier and then slamming into a van. The video captures everything, from the visual of the car hitting the van to the sounds of glass breaking, tires screeching and metal buckling.
  4. Last August, a police car dashboard camera captured this amazing footage of a car crashing into a barrier. It then flies into the air and slams into an overpass. The driver managed to survive the crash – but the car did not.
  5. While some car crashes do end in death or flames, sometimes drivers escape unscathed. In this stunning footage, an Audi is hit by a careening truck and sandwiched between the truck  and a bus. The car is then forced under the truck – but the driver somehow survived.

If you’re in a car crash (whether it’s caught on tape or not), you should call a New Jersey injury attorney right away. These videos are fairly extreme examples – but injuries from any crash can be potentially life-threatening. Keep yourself and your family safe by getting in touch with a car crash lawyer if you’ve been hurt in an accident. Whether it’s a wild fiery accident or a tame fender bender, a New Jersey personal injury attorney can help you get a settlement to pay for your health costs and damages.