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History of Cherry Hill NJ

Cherry HillHistory Of Cherry Hill Nj is a well-known city and very popular all over New Jersey. Even though it is a central hub for entertainment and shopping today, the history is known by both visitors and residents of Mount Laurel and Collingswood. The town may be famous today for having the Mall, but it has a rich history that dates back to the 1800s.

Early History of Cherry Hill

This prosperous town got its roots planted several years ago. The area was settled originally by the Lenni Lenape people of Native America. When they first came, they built small clusters of homes in the area now known as Colestown Cemetry along Route 41 and Church Road. Afterward, the town developed and continued to expand until about the 1980s.
Although the Lenni-Lenape tribe was the original inhabitants, some English settlers called Quakers got to this part of South Jersey in 1600. The Native Americans co-existed peacefully with William Penn’s English settlers. By the year 1695, the English residents formed the community of Waterford Township, which was one of the first and original towns of old Gloucester County. That community had a long, successful, and varied existence as the agricultural and mill center. Residents held a town meeting on March of 1844 to incorporate the Township under its new name – Delaware Township, which later became part of Camden County that was newly organized.

How it got its name

This town got its name Cherry Hill’ originally from what was known as the 19th-century farm owned by Abraham Browning located on Kaighn Avenue and Route 38. As time went on, the farm later became Cherry Hill Inn. The name continued getting popular and its many other properties used it for themselves soon afterward. Some business ventures like the Cherry Hill Towers also adopted the name, as can still be noticed today. With time, Cherry Hill’ was everywhere, and by November 7, 1961, the name was adopted officially.

Agriculture and Development

The title Garden State was rightly earned by New Jersey having made yearly sales of more than $1 billion all across 9,000 farms. All through the 19th century, it was home to several big family farms, with most of its farm produce sent to the nearby Campbell’s Soup Company. After World War II, the economy and population of Cherry Hill exploded. Returning GI’s had housing demands that the developers met by buying rural farmlands and constructing thousands of houses in the fields that were empty. Swim clubs, country clubs, and schools followed soon afterward.

Arts and Culture

Following the growth of this town, it became the ideal location for entertainment. The Garden State Part which is an elegant venue for horse racing arrived in 1940. Restaurants, night clubs, and hotels soon followed.

Cherry Hill Today

Cherry Hill is now a central hub for people all over Philadelphia and New Jersey. It has become a home to various attractions that are fun for friends and families of both residents and visitors. The town has bars such as the Coastline and Top Dog and restaurants like the California Pizza Kitchen and Cheesecake Factory. Throughout Cherry Hill, there are some parks that residents visit for town events, free concerts, and picnics with friends and family. However, one of the main attractions of the town is the mall. The mall in Cherry Hill is a premier shopping destination for people all around the world. It has many stores behind, including Michael Kors, Nordstrom, Forever 21, and lots more.

Nissan in Cherry Hill

With time, Cherry Hill became a home for many shops and car dealerships. Visitors and residents from Collingswood and Mount Laurel enjoy these attractions. One of these is the Cherry Hill Nissan that is located in Routh 38. Many residents go to this dealership to either get their first cars or to upgrade to an advanced model in the showroom. Having a large inventory, a professional service department, and a helpful finance department, your automotive needs can be met at this dealership. This history of Cherry Hill is popular among both tourists and residents.
Although today, this town offers impressive car dealerships and great shopping centers, it is still maintaining its rich history that formed the town into a successful city. So, whether you intend to go shopping, or just want to enjoy the park, Cherry Hill is the right destination for you.